Thursday, 22 January 2015

Learning how to make Story Sacks

Greetings guys and gals!
Last week I started a new course at my local children's centre, where I will be learning how to make Story sacks!
For those of you don't know a story sack is defined as a large cloth bag containing a favourite children's book with supporting materials to stimulate language activities and make reading a memorable and enjoyable experience.
So this week in group we chose our main story and started to plan what materials we would need to make our props.
The book I chose to use is called Dear Zoo , and it is a particular favourite of Kaylee's. In it there are 7 animals that get sent by the zoo for a pet, but for one reason or another, get rejected. These include an elephant, a Giraffe, a lion, a camel, a snake , a monkey , a frog and finally a puppy ;)
The plan is to make or buy the appropriate animals, to complement the story, but more of that next week .....
This week I managed to start designing my actual "sack" where all the components will go ....
First I got some green felt and cut out the letters for the title...
Then I stitched them onto a pillowcase
After I had done that I unpicked 5cm of hem on one side of the pillowcase
Then fold the edge down , pin and press then new edge
Stitch at the bottom of the new edge to hold the ribbon/string in place 
finally attach a safety pin to the edge of the ribbon , and use it to guide the ribbon through the top of the pillowcase, thus making a drawstring bag.
 I am planning to do some more design work on my story sack .... but you will have to wait until next weeks blog to see what I have managed to do.
Also next week I will be starting to make my animal props to go with the story book, so I will take as many photos as I can to "show my workings out" !
Bye for Now!!

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