Monday, 17 June 2013

Driving lesson update

Just got back from my latest driving lesson with the AA and it went uber well!
I am learning in a Ford focus which is a really lovely care to drive in, super smooth and easy to control .

This week I went around the block 4 times and did roundabouts, going up hills, hill starts and stops and worked on my steering technique a little more.

I've now logged 5 hours and my instructor Pam says that when I move to 90 minute lessons after next week , I am finally ready to go further afield!

Were I not pregnant ( now 19 weeks) I would undoubtedly celebrate with a nice glass of wine , as it goes I got a celebratory hug from my darling hubby and a nice chilled non alcoholic mojito ;)

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Yummy non alcoholic drinks from M&S

So today I met with a friend for afternoon tea in M&S Norwich, whilst there I could resist buying a few bottles of my all time fave new drink that I am craving this week...

They have loads of options but today I got
non alcoholic Pina Colada , made with white grape, Pineapple , coconut puree and lemon juice.
Mango Daiquiri , made with mango and lemon juice
and finally my old favourite alcoholic drink Mojito! made with mint, lemon juice and a dash of lime juice, all waiting to be poured over ice :)
All super yummy and at 3 for £5 a total bargain.
I implore all pregnant mums to be to try these gorgeous drinks as they are all made from real fruit juice ( not concentrate) and almost make you feel like you are drinking 'real' cocktails again !