Friday, 14 November 2014

Re-opening this blog with good news!

Good News everyone ! I've decided that I am going to start blogging about me, what's going on in my life right now, recipes I'm trying, and generally fun interesting stuff that's occurring.
I am not going to commit to blogging every week or on a regular basis as I will still be attempting to update my other Blog called Becky & Andy's beautiful Baby Blog. But it is my intention to blog about anything I deem interesting that is not baby related ;)
So as the title would suggest I have some good news!
On the momentous day of Wednesday 12th November I took my driving test for the 3rd time and I was over the moon when my examiner told me I had passed with only 8 minors !
I initially thought I had failed due to having to do my manoeuvre twice, ( in this case reverse around a short corner) however he told me that because I didn't actually touch the kerb , and decided to try again under my own steam it was fine :)
That was fairly early on in the test and if im honest, after that I had a really nice drive around Corton, Oulton and Oulton Broad. My examiner was a really friendly chatty and patient guy which I think made the world of difference.
So yeah as you can imagine I was pretty happy when I finished my test, I know this is where I should say " oh I knew I was going to pass, I had a gut feeling" but really, I didn't.
Having failed my test twice before ,I was already preparing myself for failure, and for the sympathetic smile of my driving instructor Gary Lee . Fortunately this was not the case, I was so happy that I not only hugged my examiner but also gave a big ol' hug to Gary! ( I can now totally see why you are not allowed to drive home after a test, I was just way too psyched up!)
So here I am with Gary, my certificate and the gorgeous beast of a car that I got to learn to drive in !
All that remains is that I say a huge thanks to everyone that has helped me over the last few months, my driving instructor Gary, Loving and supportive hubby Andy for allowing me to borrow the car for practice, and of course my mum and dad who have supported me and cheered me up when I have been down ;)
For those of you wishing to learn to drive, I have posted Gary's details below, I thoroughly recommend him, he is an amazing instructor , with one hell of a car!